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Rhunyc's News

Posted by Rhunyc - March 30th, 2018

So I thought I'd go and make an actual *news* post for a change.

First of all, big thanks to Dan Paladin and co. for thinking my work is cool enough to be top ten in a contest! :) Was an awesome surprise and didn't expect it, due to how many great entries there were.

That news aside, today I had the pleasure of going to Drekker Brewing Co. in Fargo, ND to set up and display my works! This will be my first actual "showing" of my work. So I'm pretty nervous / excited about it!

For the whole next two months my art will be displayed to the general public in their gallery. It's an awesome setting, with pretty cool people, so I'm excited to have my art shown there! They were very kind and welcoming.

Here's a couple photos!




So yeah, if you're ever in Fargo, ND, feel free to stop by and check it out!





Posted by Rhunyc - February 24th, 2018

Hey NG,

So it's been a while, but in my absence I've been busy. I've gone back to school for computer programming. With this, *one* of my goals is to use this knowledge to create games of some kind. Now, I've only just begun the courses, so there probably won't be anything coming out of me for quite a while, probably years.

HOWEVER, for my first programming course, we've learned some Java and how to write a text-based adventure game. The code of how the game runs is mostly written for us, however I've tweaked bits and pieces of it for this project. All of the text in the game that you will read was written by me.

As with most things I make, there was no goal or story in mind when I first started. I just wrote what was on my mind and branched out from that. Soon after, I figured out what was going on and how to give it a little story of some kind.

So, over this past month I've taken a few hours a week to write out all of the pieces for this game to fit together and hopefully be a seamless experience that is somewhat entertaining and perhaps enjoyable. 

This game plays a lot like the old Zork games, where it was a command-line input and you just type basic commands and the game would do things based on what you type, except this game is even more basic. There's only a handful of commands and the interactivity is pretty limited.

But, I thought maybe some people would enjoy trying it out and seeing what I've been working on. I'd also like some feedback on the writing and what little amount of story is present, and if there are things you find enjoyable, or any questions about it. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it? Probably not, but maybe it's worth a try.


Thaaank youuuu <3





I made a dumb little text-only game, was wondering if people would want to try it. If you find something wrong let me know.

Here is link to game:


(I think it only works on windows, unless .jar files naturally run on a mac, not sure. ALSO, you need Java installed on your PC in order for it to run)

Posted by Rhunyc - August 12th, 2017

Here's a recording for Titan pilot Jack Cooper.

Hopefully you like it!

Posted by Rhunyc - April 23rd, 2017



So I recorded the process of the Flinthook piece I made and recently shared. For some reason it might start a minute or two into the recording, so if it starts with color then feel free to rewind and watch from the beginning stages. I purposely left the video silent so that way you can listen to your own tunes or a podcast or something while you watch it. I also sped up the video to 250% meaning it's only 2.5x faster than normal instead of a shit ton faster like I have done in the past. Therefore, this video is almost 2 hours long, but the reason for that is so the video won't be blazingly fast that you can't keep up with my process making it easier to keep up with what I'm doing - this way you can watch how I work, and at a nice 16:9 ratio in HD. If you have any questions about what I'm doing in my process, feel free to ask away, I'll do my best to explain what it is I'm doing.


Fun fact; I recorded a voice over for this entire video and explained things, but I removed it due to a.) the sound of my voice and b.) I wasn't really folllowing a script of any kind so it wasn't a very good recording.

This leads me to my next thing, which is I was considering doing a few tutorials of photoshop for beginners who are interested in doing digital painting. I was thinking very bare-bones stuff, for people who would like to get into doing digital art on photoshop, but have no idea how any of it works. 

Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in, and perhaps if I get enough interest, I'll create some. I may just do that anyways, but it'd help to know people are actually interested.

Anyways, hope you all are doing good and keeping busy. Take care,




Posted by Rhunyc - March 19th, 2017


I decided to stop being such an anti-social hermit, and dig my News section out of the little cryptic hole I put it in, to post some actual "News" for a change.

I plan on dusting off my Twitch channel and using it to do some streaming here and there, and to interact with people who may be interested to hang out or just see how I work:




I did some streaming yesterday, so you can watch the videos of that before they're gone. The audio is all out of whack, but I did fix it in the most recent video a few minutes into it. So check out those if you like to see if it's something you'd want to sit in on. I'm a pretty laid back dude and I'll try to answer any questions anyone has.

Feel free to follow me to know when I go live, and if you want a head's up before I do go live, follow my twitter.

Right now there is no set schedule of when I plan to stream, as every day seems to be different in terms of what I have going on, so it will be infrequent and spontaneous.

Thanks for reading.


Posted by Rhunyc - February 28th, 2017








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