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2018-02-24 18:10:31 by Rhunyc

Hey NG,

So it's been a while, but in my absence I've been busy. I've gone back to school for computer programming. With this, *one* of my goals is to use this knowledge to create games of some kind. Now, I've only just begun the courses, so there probably won't be anything coming out of me for quite a while, probably years.

HOWEVER, for my first programming course, we've learned some Java and how to write a text-based adventure game. The code of how the game runs is mostly written for us, however I've tweaked bits and pieces of it for this project. All of the text in the game that you will read was written by me.

As with most things I make, there was no goal or story in mind when I first started. I just wrote what was on my mind and branched out from that. Soon after, I figured out what was going on and how to give it a little story of some kind.

So, over this past month I've taken a few hours a week to write out all of the pieces for this game to fit together and hopefully be a seamless experience that is somewhat entertaining and perhaps enjoyable. 

This game plays a lot like the old Zork games, where it was a command-line input and you just type basic commands and the game would do things based on what you type, except this game is even more basic. There's only a handful of commands and the interactivity is pretty limited.

But, I thought maybe some people would enjoy trying it out and seeing what I've been working on. I'd also like some feedback on the writing and what little amount of story is present, and if there are things you find enjoyable, or any questions about it. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it? Probably not, but maybe it's worth a try.


Thaaank youuuu <3





I made a dumb little text-only game, was wondering if people would want to try it. If you find something wrong let me know.

Here is link to game:


(I think it only works on windows, unless .jar files naturally run on a mac, not sure. ALSO, you need Java installed on your PC in order for it to run)


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2018-02-25 08:37:27

I can't open your .bat file ( on windows ) :v

Rhunyc responds:

Ah man, really? What version of Windows do you have?


2018-02-25 11:23:46

Windows 10, when I click it opens then closes immediately

Rhunyc responds:

Hmm, I'll look into that and see if I can't find out why that is. Thanks for letting me know!