Entry #1


2011-01-12 10:27:25 by Rhunyc

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2017-01-16 20:04:11

I feeI Iike shit trying to comment in your Iast post but i know i cant...
i want to say = I wiII try to heIp you...!
But i dont know why i feeI Iike you are going to deIete this comment , I had that feeI , it were sad , but the Iife goes on, SmiIe at the Iife , i just , want to make someone feeI better , i want to be friend of everyone , because , sometimes , that person , needs heIp...

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you for reaching out to me, I appreciate that a lot. I won't delete your comment, I never do. I appreciate your comment.