Recording of my Flinthook piece and some stuff

2017-04-23 21:48:59 by Rhunyc



So I recorded the process of the Flinthook piece I made and recently shared. For some reason it might start a minute or two into the recording, so if it starts with color then feel free to rewind and watch from the beginning stages. I purposely left the video silent so that way you can listen to your own tunes or a podcast or something while you watch it. I also sped up the video to 250% meaning it's only 2.5x faster than normal instead of a shit ton faster like I have done in the past. Therefore, this video is almost 2 hours long, but the reason for that is so the video won't be blazingly fast that you can't keep up with my process making it easier to keep up with what I'm doing - this way you can watch how I work, and at a nice 16:9 ratio in HD. If you have any questions about what I'm doing in my process, feel free to ask away, I'll do my best to explain what it is I'm doing.


Fun fact; I recorded a voice over for this entire video and explained things, but I removed it due to a.) the sound of my voice and b.) I wasn't really folllowing a script of any kind so it wasn't a very good recording.

This leads me to my next thing, which is I was considering doing a few tutorials of photoshop for beginners who are interested in doing digital painting. I was thinking very bare-bones stuff, for people who would like to get into doing digital art on photoshop, but have no idea how any of it works. 

Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in, and perhaps if I get enough interest, I'll create some. I may just do that anyways, but it'd help to know people are actually interested.

Anyways, hope you all are doing good and keeping busy. Take care,





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2017-04-23 22:27:37

You're a legend my dude! Really liked the stream last time, it was pretty fun. Keep up the good work my boi!

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you sir, I don't think I'm a legend really though, haha.

Glad you enjoyed the stream though! I'd like to do more at some point, it's crunch time for schoolwork now so I don't have much free time. :( Maybe soon!


2017-04-24 04:51:53

Sincerely hope you win this.

Rhunyc responds:

Oh, thank you Troisnyx, I appreciate that. I hope you win too. :)