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Nice work man! You've got such a good hold on your use of colors and values, especially in the skin tones in the other variants of this image. I dig your red/purple/blue usage here. Really well done. Such a nice looking character to boot. Keep it up! :D

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FuShark responds:

Thanks for appreciating my work dude. I'll keep fighting!

This is pretty rad man, I dig the colors! It looks like you spent a lot of time on it with all the details that are present. You keep improving!

JackDCurleo responds:

Thanks man, I’ve been trying to get this done for a while so I’m glad you like it! And that’s all we can hope to do ;D

What a lovely assortment of witches! Really unique style you got, man. I dig it!

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks! It was fun to think of themes to use! :)

Nice work man! The added animation really gives this some kind of movement. Like one of those animated comics, you see a suspended point in the action.

Definitely could see a series built around the idea of Tom vs. YouTube. :D

FuShark responds:

Thanks dude! Glad you like it. I've really been enjoying making these sort of illustrations. I just wish gifs could retain better quality.

Why anyone would tell another human being to "stop doing art" is beyond me. Art is a wonderful tool to express oneself, let alone the amazing therapeutic qualities it has. Chances are if they're telling you to stop doing art, I'm not sure if they are people you should be looking up to. :(

Plus you're really good at it. Keep it up regardless of what they may say. :D

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jcarignan443 responds:

Thank you so much! Well I’m actually a tattoo apprentice and it was my mentor, but there’s a lot of hazing in the tattoo world and people that aren’t confident in their work and take it out on others

Hey man, it's looking pretty good! The details are pretty cool! As far as constructive criticism goes, I'd recommend taking what you have here, and going over edges with a harder brush, because right now it's all kind of blurry. :) I mean, in some places it'd be okay to have a little blur here and there, like the back of his skull and the ridge behind his eye socket, but the actual facial details would benefit from being more crisp.

Anways, great work! Keep it up. :D

kirxee responds:

thanks alot

Wonderful rendering skill man. Really like the style of this.

test-object responds:

Thanks man! Long time since I've seen you :D

Too good!

I really want to eat that cupcake. Like reeally bad.

Jobertson responds:

Thanks man! :)

Still doing great work I see!

I'd like to just say that with a lot of your work, I really like how alive these characters feel, in that I can easily see them animated in my head. It's very telling of your understanding of the way characters work and their anatomy. With some artists, myself included, you can tell they just study a pose and if they were forced to redraw that character in a new pose it would be hell for them, but for you it's easy to see that it would likely be no problem.

Keep it up as always!

jouste responds:

Hey thanks a lot!

great to see that you are still drawing. I think my poses started getting a lot better when i started moving the camera around more and thought about the shot in a different way.

I'll be keeping it up! thanks for the comment pal!


Is that you up in the window? (And the poster?)

Great work on this! Love the style that's oozing from this piece. It's so fantastic. Also, the amount of detail you put into everything speaks loudly, like the prosthetic shop, and the interesting food shop with the robot server.

Is this a one off piece, or part of a bigger project? :)

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Vonschlippe responds:

Yeah! It's me right there in the window and the poster.

I'm getting back into drawing so this was mostly intended as a style/color palette exercise. I am really trying to learn color theory and further my understanding of what works and what does not. I'm really happy you enjoy the atmosphere and the details I tried to infuse in the picture.

Being an exercise, it's most likely a one-off piece, but I might revisit this character/environment in the future.

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