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Great use of colors, great composition :)

Great image!

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That looks awesome. :D Your style is pretty effin' sweet man.

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TheShadling responds:

Hey Cheers Rhyunc.

Not too shabby

Especially since you stated in the forum that painting/perspectives aren't your specialty. You nailed the perspective pretty well I might have to say, and the coloring job is actually pretty solid. :)

Keep it up, yo

Aigis responds:

Thanks a lot.


I'm a fan of this. I have no problems with lined paper, seeing as how that's all I used to draw on. And like you said, it adds to the feel of the piece.

Idk, it just says a lot. It's moving to me. :) Great work.


This is pretty damn flawless.. So many details it's astounding. I'm just counting the seconds until this gets front paged. :) Good luck with the fanart gallery submission! I can't see why this wouldn't get in..

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Vonschlippe responds:

Thanks a lot! ^^

Also, it took 4 days to get frontpaged... how many seconds is that?! =P

I love the ratio of the image..

Just perfect.. I had an idea of doing an image something similar to this, but never did.. However, this image gives me hope to at least try it. :) Excellent work, the backgrounds meld together wonderfully! It'd make a wonderful poster :)

It's pretty darn good.

I don't care about the dimensions of the saiyan and all that other stuff.. You're the artist, you can decide how the shit looks and doesn't look. :)

Anyways, it looks pretty good.. The only thing is that it looks a little stale, it's hard to explain but it seems like with him getting cut in half, it feels like there should be a bit more movement on his part..

Another thing is that the hands are a bit too small, at least from what I can see.. I mean unless the arms/bodies are so much more massive than normal (which would make sense, for dbz) that the hands are normal sized and their bodies are just way beefed up.

Regardless, the coloring and anatomy (other than that minor detail) are pretty solid. Great work. :)

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Blud-Shot responds:

Thanks for your feedback Rhunyc. I love your work! Saw it in the Madness2010 contest. Technically this is the first art piece of its kind I have done. Painting it digitally without caring about the restrictions of the line art was a challenge. I understand what you mean by stale, its probably one of the biggest issues I have in terms of drawing. I tend to make "still life" images.

Reapers are awesome!

This one is actually really good. The style is great. :) Nice and clean lineart and good color choices. The only problems I have are that the background is sorta lacking (though I can see where you were going with it, so no biggie) and the scythe is a tad bit too small for my liking - though, that's just personal opinion. :) It looks good!

5/5 9/10 :)

Kashi responds:

Where was I going with it? O_o


This is awesome. I could definitely see this as art for a lot of the bands I listen to. Pure awesome, I love the colors and lighting and everything.. Just great.

And no, I don't really find that there's anatomy problems, because I sit like that when I make art... Which is probably going to kill me some day. :)

I don't normally enjoy cupcakes..

But this cupcake I would enjoy the shit out of.

Great work on it, and clever too. Looks good!

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