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Yeah they do. Good stuff yet again. Your vexon characters definitely have a really awesome design to them. Very visually appealing, they're fun to look at. :3

Oh man, this is an awesome design. Super cool.. Love that the bone-mask/helmet/head is hollow, adds a certain creepy factor to the character! I'd hate to run into this in a mysty swamp or forest!

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Great pencil work.

Really cool design. I'm a fan of you incorporation (maybe that's the right word) of gasmasks into your pieces. Interesting anatomy as well. Good work!

Oh, and I think VidGameDude was referring to the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., it's something the npcs will say every now and then to the player. :)


Seeing where you put your signature, and afterwards reading what the title of the image was made me chuckle. Looks great though!


Pretty chilling, like the glowy teal parts. :D

You make some pretty awesome landscapes!

Teach me your secrets!

frozen-scumbag responds:

Lol I would but I'm still learning myself :)


You've improved tons dude, this is definitely a great piece of work! The background and characters are very well done :)

Keep it up!

J-qb responds:

It's always nice to hear that you're improving. thanks and will do!

Looks good, yo

I'm a fan of the pokemon games, and just like you I'm not up to speed with the fact that Scyther can evolve. lol

But either way, they all look natural, which is great, and your lineart looks good as well. I can tell this is gonna look pretty great when it's finished. How much time have you invested in this overall? It doesn't matter really, just curious. :)

Kumakun4 responds:

I couldn't say exactly, but there's about 8-10 hours invested in this so far.

Ha. Late review, but I gotta say.

I remember looking through these not too long ago, and not really getting them for some reason. But, I couldn't help but to browse through a few of them just now and they're hilarious to me. It's a cute little comic style, and the punchlines make me literally laugh out loud. Good work!

That's uh.......

Quite the achievement. I guess you're right, I never found my programs or tools to prevent me from doing art. I mean, if you really want to be an artist, it honestly doesn't matter the media... if you're creative enough you can work anything out!

Amazing quality for an ms paint mouse pic.... Great work

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LegolaSS responds:

thanks Rhunyc... its a pet hate when people in the forums complain they cant do artwork... because they don't have some high tech software or the newest tablet... there's already a handful of artists out there who can use paint to produce outstanding pieces of work... thanks for the comment :3

Great work

nice anatomy, clean lineart, great use of colors.. Looks great :D

Only thing that could make it better is some sort of deviation in the backround.. but eh, it's the castle crasher that we're supposed to be looking at, and he looks good.

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Kinsei responds:

This has got to be the quickest review I have ever gotten.
Thanks Rhunyc!

I probably should have done a background and a weapon. But I guess my typical laziness is showing lol

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