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I will take all of the Freeman ones, please.

Thank you.

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You have an uncanny knack for smacking me right in the feels, you know that?

These pixels are beautiful.

Carrion responds:

Oh u

Hmm, so my previous wallpaper on my phone is going to get replaced with this, just an fyi. I'm wondering if it's not possible to make custom animated bgs on androids.. Hmmmmmm..

Keep killin' it!

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Really swell work you got here as well!

The details in the waves and hair are pretty awesome. I have a piece of critique for you, the girls eyes are just a touch too small. Just a tiny bit smaller. ^^

Without that though, it's still pretty awesome! That's just a minor tweak that I think could improve it a lot. ^^

Keep up the stellar work!

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HeartlessArts responds:

thanks for the honesty man :)

Good work man! It looks awesome.

No real critique to add to it, to be honest. It's actually really well done in my opinion.

Keep it up! Excited to see more from you.

HeartlessArts responds:

thankyou :)

Man, where'd you goooo?

Your style is very unique, everytime I'd check your art out it was like a breath of fresh air. I like your styilzed characters like this one.

Also, the pixelated feel to it is pretty rad. I also enjoy the vague yet meaningful phrases and words you add to them.

This is pretty excellent. I love the details and the choice of colors. Really clean and eye-catching. Good work!

HeartlessArts responds:

haha im glad you like it but i made this quite a while ago, you should check out my newer stuff :)

Excellent work on the final of this! I like the increased saturation, really makes it pop more. :) You did a really swell job, I'm envious of your ability to do faces; like how you blend your colors so smoothly.

BugsAndBooks responds:

Heya there mate
and thanks a lot for your lovely feedback and the nommy stars :)
I myself like it better with the strong saturation, although I'm not sure if I went a bit too far (Bubblegum-Bill, aye ^^)
It's funny though you'd mention the blending, since I'm not very satisfied with the finish I did on this one. I didn't stick with it long enough to make it photo-realistic (by which I'm a bit bored at the moment) but I went a bit too far for it to be painterly. But oh well, you live and learn ^^

Aww yeah, that's pretty rad! Liking your progress with your tablet so far.

Interesting to see these guys in a non-pixelated style.

Lookin' good!

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Seriously doe, this is a pretty sweet gif.

Max Payne is mah broski.

I'd give you constructive feedback, but there isn't really anything to improve on. Looks good!

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