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Really cool stuff! Didn't even think to try a female tankman, but it looks like you did a pretty good job on it!

If I'm asked to do more for it, I'll do a female tankman next time. :)

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The improvement is real. Great work! Glad to see you come so far in such a short time. Keep it up!

Miroko responds:

Thank you mate.

I can empathize with this - at least what I see in it. To me, I see the depression showing itself, and her melting it down, to something that holds her and comforts her while weakened by the process.

Lovely little story in a picture, great work, thank you for sharing this.

IrinaEihwaz responds:

I really like the way everyone see personal/different meaning in art.
For me is all about sacrifice. Sometimes people can do great things to save someone they hold dear. Great things.

Thank you!

Aww yea. A lot of good movement and energy in this piece! Really dig the ork's design as well.

You did some great work!

FarturAst responds:

Thanks :)

You done drawed my waifu. Thank you.

In all seriousness though, this is some stellar stuff! Pretty great textures and I really like the de-saturated tones.

tnk u bby 4 dis

No seriously, this is fantastic. I never really did give Tower of Heaven too much of a try, but I'm playing it again now thanks to this. And it's turning out to be quite the inspiration for my own thing, so thank you.

I just wanna eat your pixels right up!

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Carrion responds:

My pixels are very high in sodium please be careful.

Wonderful work, I really enjoy the style of this. :)

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Pretty amazing! Digging the color scheme and over all solidity of the character itself.

Who is this AJ you speak of?

shammiemaa responds:

Thanks! AJ stands for Anthony Jones ;)

You're back dude!!! It's been a long time since I've seen your amazing artwork on here. Please don't go.

Your artwork is as beautiful as I remember it, please continue sharing it here!

Quit lighting the fire inside my heart... STOP IT.

But yeah, as far as reviews go, gotta say you keep on developing even further with this style you have going. It's cool to see! Every new one is a treat.

And the added bonus of your poetry (? I'm assuming its yours, unless it's song lyrics, not sure), just make it that much more appealing.

Keep going!

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Carrion responds:

oh u

I'm quiet and I seldom interact with people.

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