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This is the best! I thought I've seen this on the Half-Life reddit!

Glad to see it on here by the actual artist. That's amazeballs. You're amazeballs. Keep it up!

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Is this a nod to FLCL by chance?

It feels very reminiscent of it. Really chill piece at any rate. Nice cool colors, with the touch of pink in the clouds. Very nice!

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Doin good man. You've got a good grasp on using colors! Keep it up! Great work with only a mouse, btw.

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heyopc responds:

Thanks man!

This was a great little 5 page story you have made.

The environments and settings were well executed and you have a unique style.

Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to make a page? Did you write everything out before-hand or just kind of go with the flow?

Picking your brain a bit, forgive me. :D

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Raziberry responds:

Once I actually get the drive to start? I dunno...4-5 hours? I'm terribly inefficient.
And yeah, I always write a script for everything first, and storyboard it.

This is pretty great! Excellent use of colors, a very eye-catching pose, and the details are wonderful.

Might have to get this shirt!

Keep uploading!

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klydenski responds:

Well thanks a ton.
Im stoked you dig it :)

Great work man! Love this game also, it's nice to see a fanart of it!

Also, lol @ Doc's groin.

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Oh man, I love the symbolism behind this. I mean, at least what I gather.

You can only fill it so much before it pops and they all spill out. :)

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I always like your little .gifs like these. They're fun to watch repeat. Always nice action and movement in them. :D

Great for 2 hours definitely!

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This is pretty rad stuff you've got. Very clean-cut style, nice subtle blending of colors (or gradients?)!

Keep up the stellar work yo.

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CookieTheCrusher responds:

Thank you!

That last panel.

I'm always guilty of saying stuff like that to people, and in my head it's funny but when it comes out I'm like "..ooooooo...ps...."


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